Sustainability & social commitment

Committed to sustainable development

Our goal is to contribute to healthcare in Germany and all over the world by developing and manufacturing innovative medicinal products. As a pharmaceutical manufacturer, we have a special responsibility for our products. To prevent risks for consumers, our products are subject to continuous monitoring and testing to ensure their excellent quality. This also includes our modern manufacturing conditions. We consider it as our duty to pursue a sustainable and future-oriented development and therefore act in an economic, environmentally conscious and social manner.

Responsibility for the environment

When manufacturing medicinal products, we take our responsibility to save resources and to reduce our environmental impact seriously and are committed to continuously improving our management systems as well as our environmental and energy-related performance as far as is economically feasible. To this end, we carry out lifecycle assessments and set ourselves strategic and operational environmental and energy objectives. We take advantage of many opportunities to save energy, for example, by purchasing energy-efficient products and services and also by taking into account the activities this entails, and thus contribute to protecting the environment. In addition, we strive to continuously increase the efficiency of the raw materials and packaging materials we use through adequate technical and organisational measures. Inevitable waste is separated by type and is disposed of in a controlled manner at its place of origin – we also recycle a large proportion of the waste.

Responsibility for our employees

We believe that occupational safety is a managerial responsibility. For this reason, we ensure conditions within the company that enable all our employees to carry out their work in a safe and accident-free environment. Hazards and risks are systematically eliminated or minimised. Through structural measures, technical equipment, initial and further training of our employees and a close collaboration with the authorities, we ensure the safety of our employees and partners. Furthermore, our health protection management system forms an integral part of our corporate culture and offers numerous opportunities to maintain and promote the health of our employees.

Responsibility for society

As a research-based pharmaceutical company, we are always aware of our duty to society and comply with our obligation in full. Our particular emphasis is on children and adolescents – our activities and collaborations are organised accordingly. For the good of the children and in order to meet our social responsibility, we have been promoting successful programs for disease prevention in the area around Berlin for many decades. Examples of projects we have strongly supported include, for example, Klasse2000, which focuses on health education and prevention in children of primary school age. In addition, BERLIN-CHEMIE has for several decades supported a series of other social and medical projects. For example, we employ around 30 disabled persons in a social enterprise department, where they are able to pursue a meaningful occupation, find acceptance and build a social network. Right from the start, social aspects were at the heart of establishing the protected department. Thanks to professional and caring support as well as a range of events and activities, the protected department has not only established itself as a pure place of work, but has for many employees also become the centre for social contacts, culture and communication.

For more information, please consult our HSE and Energy Guidelines which can be obtained by contacting us at