LkSG (German Supply Chain Act)

The Human Rights Committee consisting of 

  • Timo Basche (Procurement)
  • Andriy Kosorukov (Compliance)
  • Steffen Lunkwitz (Human Resources)

is responsible for:

  • supervising the implementation of Berlin-Chemie’s Human Rights Policy and bringing it to the attention of the employees
  • providing for the periodic updating of Berlin-Chemie’s Human Rights Policy;
  • providing the BoD with information on specific issues related to Berlin-Chemie’s Human Rights Policy;
  • coordinating the development of specific programs on Human Rights;
  • providing advice and guidance to employees and coordinating the monitoring of the commitments set out in Berlin-Chemie’s Human Rights Policy; 
  • performing risk analysis on human rights issues along the supply chain;
  • monitoring the Risk Management System