Menarini arrives in Columbia and Peru

Two new affiliates for stronger connection between two continents

The Menarini Group has consolidated its presence in Latin America with new affiliates in Colombia and Peru. Both countries have emerging economies which offer the company opportunities for market expansion with its high-quality pharmaceuticals. Two new affiliates have just been opened in Bogotá and Lima, strengthening the connection between two continentsand creating a springboard for other areas of expansion in Latin America.

“We are enthusiastic about increasing our presence in Latin America with the opening of our branches in Peru and Colombia, strategic countries where Menarini has decided to strengthen its commitment to guarantee that patients have access to extremely high-quality medicinal products manufactured at our 15 Menarini sites”, explained Alberto Giovanni Aleotti, Vice Chairman of the Menarini Group. This, he added, “represents a stepping stone for international growth of the Group, which is currently present in over 130 countries, with its presence in the USA being a particularly notable success.”

The Menarini Group has a global annual turnover of € 3.46 billion.

2017 opens with a new challenge for the Italian company which is specialised in medicinal products for pain relief and cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive tract and urological treatment. The company is also committed to research and development into new cancer treatments.

Colombia, a country with a population of over 47 million, is among the top 20 countries in the world in terms of the amount of direct foreign investment it receives, according to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). On 9 March, Menarini inaugurated its new office in the country’s capital, Bogotá, where 40 people are now employed, including medical-scientific and administrative personnel. The inauguration event, held at the Italian Embassy, was attended by government officials, representatives from scientific companies and institutions, and medical staff.

On 7 March, with an event held at the Lima Art Museum, the ribbon-cutting ceremony for Menarini in Peru was celebrated, which currently has 30 employees.

The first Menarini branch in Latin America was opened 38 years ago in Guatemala, with offices opening subsequently in El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, and Belize. In these Central American countries and in the Caribbean, Menarini recorded an increase of 11% in the turnover for 2015, equal to € 93 million for the year. The Italian company has also had a direct presence in Mexico since 2009, and through its distributors it also makes its medicinal products available to the medical community in the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina and Chile, offering work to almost 600 employees and in constant growth.

About the Menarini Group

The Menarini Group is an Italian pharmaceutical company, 19th in Europe out of 5,541 companies, and 39th company in the world out of 21,317 companies, with a turnover of more than 3,4 billion Euro and more than 16,600 employees. The Menarini Group has always pursued two strategic objectives: Research and Internationalisation and is present in the most important therapeutic areas including products for cardiology, gastroenterology, pneumology/antibiotics, diabetology, anti-inflammatory agents/analgesics. With 15 production sites and 6 Research and Development centers, the Menarini Group has a strong presence throughout Europe and Asia, Africa, Central and South America. Menarini’s products are available in more than 130 countries worldwide. For further information please visit