Ibuprofen suspension – exemption to safeguard supply of the population

Delivery of goods with foreign packaging started in Germany

To secure the supply of medicines to the population, the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) may in individual cases allow exemptions from certain provisions of the German Medicinal Products Act. An exemption such as this was granted for ibuprofen-containing suspensions from BERLIN-CHEMIE AG, which will be placed on the market on the basis of this authorisation from 02/01/2023. BfArM has published details about this on its homepage:

The medications were originally produced for export and correspond to the finished medicinal products authorised in Germany:

EUDORLIN Ibuprofen 20 mg/ml Suspension zum Einnehmen and

EUDORLIN Ibuprofen 40 mg/ml Suspension zum Einnehmen.


Supply to the product’s original country of destination, Ukraine, is not being compromised by this step, which has no impacts on the access of Ukrainian patients to this medicine.


Owing to the special situation, the medicines are being delivered in their original condition. The German package leaflets are enclosed with each delivery and can additionally be retrieved via the QR codes and links below.




BERLIN-CHEMIE is making an important contribution with this measure to improving care in Germany and wishes all patients a rapid recovery.