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Berlin-Chemie/Menarini - a strong partner

The Menarini Group traditionally takes advantage of the opportunity to round off its portfolio of drugs developed in-house by forming partnerships with other pharmaceutical companies and in-licensing interesting products.

Our long-standing experience and the success of joint projects have made the Menarini Group a preferred cooperation partner. The subsidiary Berlin-Chemie/Menarini represents the Group in Germany and Eastern Europe. Because of the very different nature of the German pharmaceutical market and those of Eastern Europe, the business is separated into two units: Berlin-Chemie/Menarini Germany and Berlin-Chemie/Menarini International Division.

Berlin-Chemie/Menarini Germany
Berlin-Chemie/Menarini International


Berlin-Chemie/Menarini Germany

In Germany, Berlin-Chemie/Menarini has made a name for itself by marketing innovative, ethical drugs. A special strength is our presence with general practitioners, diabetologists and cardiologists. Berlin-Chemie/Menarini has established not only a modern and extensive portfolio, but also itself as a partner for office-based doctors and clinics through competent consulting and marketing. Furthermore, Berlin-Chemie/Menarini is also successful in other indication areas such as pain medicine and gastroenterology and known to relevant specialists.

Its strong commitment to the area of healthcare management has also enabled Berlin-Chemie/Menarini to establish strong relationships to the most important institutions and players of the healthcare system early on and, thus, create the ideal conditions for further growth in a constantly changing setting relative to healthcare policy and society's needs.

Our interests include:

  • In-licensing of innovative, ethical drugs in the existing product areas and new indications
  • Partnerships (co-marketing) for the successful marketing of innovative, ethical preparations
  • Along with drugs for general practioneers, diabetologists and cardiologists, we are interested particularly in innovative active substances for the following indication areas:
    • Pain medicine
    • Gastroenterology
    • Oncology
    • Neurology

In Germany, Berlin-Chemie/Menarini offers you support with a sales force that is not only quantitatively strong, but also has received excellent training and is consistently rated one of the best by sales force monitoring studies. The support of our well-coordinated teams in the various departments also guarantees products a quick introduction to the market, and a competent and flexible product management after the launch phase.

If you are interested in cooperating with Berlin-Chemie/Menarini Germany, please contact:


Berlin-Chemie/Menarini International

Berlin-Chemie/Menarini occupies a leading position among pharmaceutical companies in central and eastern Europe. The company maintains its own representative offices and affiliates in all the markets of eastern Europe and the CIS region. At an advantage through its historic presence in the region, Berlin-Chemie/Menarini has longstanding local marketing expertise, an outstanding distribution network, as well as a modern production site in Russia to support supply of the CIS region with locally manufactured pharmaceutical products. Berlin-Chemie/Menarini markets prescription drugs and OTC preparations. Our product portfolio comprises a broad spectrum of therapeutic agents for office-based doctors and for clinics.

Our interests include:

In-licensing of pharmaceutical preparations to round off our product portfolio in various indication areas, mainly:

  • Antidiabetics
  • Cardiovascular drugs
  • Respiratory therapeutics
  • Oncologicals
  • Gastroenterological products
  • Analgesics
  • Dermatological preparations
  • Urological and gynaecological products
  • Innovative OTC products, food supplements and medical devices
  • Products for parenteral nutrition


The products of our partners are given the highest priority by our excellently trained and always up-to-date Field Force staff. Our extensive experience in the area of regulatory affairs and market access ensures a quick and successful market entry of your products. Are you interested in a cooperation with us? Please contact: