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BERLIN-CHEMIE AG is an innovative, internationally operating drug manufacturer with a rich tradition, located in the heart of Europe. Since 1992, BERLIN-CHEMIE has belonged to the globally operating MENARINI Group, which has been the leader on the Italian pharmaceutical market for decades. The company, which was founded in Naples in 1886 and is headquartered in Florence, has over generations been developed into a globally operating, family-run pharmaceutical company. Within the MENARINI Group, BERLIN-CHEMIE is responsible for the pharmaceutical business in Germany, Eastern Europe and the GUS region. In addition, Berlin is one of the Group’s central research sites.

> 5,000 Employees

> 30 Markets

> € 1.5 Billion Sales

Dynamic growth, innovative medicinal products and a wealth of experience spanning several generations are trademarks of BERLIN-CHEMIE. In Berlin-Adlershof, our history dates back to the year 1890. Our employees are partly from families who have already been involved in the development, manufacture and marketing of medicinal products for five generations. We maintain a particularly close relationship with our head office in Berlin, to which we are wholeheartedly committed.

At the same time, we are a cosmopolitan company. Altogether, we employ more than 5,000 persons from over 70 nations. Furthermore, vocational training has been a tradition for many decades at BERLIN-CHEMIE and has been awarded multiple times by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. This diversity is one of our greatest strengths.


In Germany, BERLIN-CHEMIE has achieved growth rates in recent years which have exceeded the development of the pharmaceutical market. This growth was fuelled for the most part by the products from the business units diabetes and cardiology. This excellent result confirms the strategy of BERLIN-CHEMIE and MENARINI, which pursues especially the development of innovative medicinal products in Germany. In doing so, we place the greatest value on extensive training and on the quality of work of our scientific sales force. It is thanks to this continuous effort that BERLIN-CHEMIE enjoys an excellent reputation in the healthcare sector, especially with general practitioners and specialists.

BERLIN-CHEMIE International

BERLIN-CHEMIE supplies medicines to more than 30 countries and has subsidiaries in more than 26 of them. BERLIN-CHEMIE is one of the leading drug manufacturers in Eastern Europe and the GUS region. Thanks to its historical presence in the region, BERLIN-CHEMIE boasts many years of local marketing expertise, a sophisticated distribution network and a modern production site in Kaluga, Russia.